Founded by Amanda Ferragamo, Ailanto Design is Amanda’s lifelong dream and legacy. Her inspiration comes from the natural world in which she is surrounded – from the colour in a flower to the shape of a leaf or the way a branch catches the light and its movement in the breeze. Ailanto Design is the product of a lifetime of inspiration, decades of passion and love for artistic expression.


Ann McGuire studied design at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she was instilled with a constant drive to discover answers to design questions. Much of her career has been spent honing these skills while working in New York for such celebrated designers as Victoria Hagan, William Sofield, Sara Storey, and Mary Howard. Ann McGuire is dedicated to providing world-class textiles that contribute to the creation of your own beautiful ideas.


In the tradition of the Italian masters, Cecilia Bordoni is known as a highly skilled craftsman in the art of hand tooled leathers. Inherent in each unique piece are the quality of craftsmanship and preciousness of decorative materials.

In tune with changing times and tastes, Bordoni Leathers' stylistic range is able to move freely from Italian classic style to contemporary design. Each creation, therefore, can be made with a variety of decorated leather, from classic Venetian finish to embossed finish, from the spectacular chrome finish to the trendy flou finish. This is made possible by Cecilia Bordoni's 100% handmade working.


Based in the foothills of the Scottish Highlands, Caroline Inchyra has created a range of timeless fabrics and accessories that take their inspiration from vintage finds and the textures of Scotland. Working only with pure natural linen and wool, the colour palette is subtle, from deep reds, soft pinks, greens and mustard yellows, to aged blues and greys. The finish of these linens is stunning - each run of each linen is unique, a result of the highly specialised production processes employed in their making.

Against a background of rustic naturals the Inchyra fabric collection has a quality that is as much about the feel as the look. These are fabrics with a heritage designed to bring a relaxed but luxurious approach to almost any interior space.


Kit Miles founded the eponymous studio in 2013 with one vision: to create a textile collection steeped in the values of quality, exquisite draughtsmanship and a futuristic, often surprising use of scale colour and imagery. The studio’s breadth and skill in executing fine product is continually developing, highlighting a restless drive towards the exploration of what print design is now and what it could be next.


All of Knowles & Christou’s fabrics are hand printed in their own studios, on traditional hand printing tables. All art work is originated, screens engraved and colours mixed in house, so they are free to design and colour their fabrics in their own style. Knowles & Christou works mainly with silks and linens. All ink systems are water based. Please enquire for samples and bespoke colourways.

Lewis & Wood has created a substantial collection of textiles and wallpapers, largely manufactured in Britain. The success of the company lies in its determination to be different. Their commitment to produce original products starts in the screen printing studio, where creative director Magdalen Jebb collaborates with a variety of freelance designers from different disciplines to encourage an original approach. They then work with weavers, dyers, printers and finishers to try new techniques. This isn’t always easy, but it does make the result a lot more interesting.


by Hamilton Weston Wallpapers Ltd

Marthe has transferred seven of her original hand lino cut designs into screen prints and selected a simple colour palette of six colours, interchangeable between the designs.

The technique used to create the Marthe Armitage range of furnishing fabrics to coordinate with the wallpapers is flatbed printing, a silk screen technique whereby each colour has a separate screen, and colours are printed one at a time to achieve the finished design. This gives each fabric a hand-finished look, including the charm of small imperfections which are characteristic of the method.

Marthe’s designs are printed exclusively on high quality linens, with pigment ink in colours carefully selected to match the palette of the wallpapers.


It was an accident of war that brought Gerd Hay-Edie to settle in Ireland in 1947. By 1949 Gerd had established what would one day become her beloved Mourne Textiles, the design workshop at Killowen on the side of the Mourne Mountains overlooking Carlingford Lough. Inspiration, for Gerd, lay in every direction.

From 1953-1963 Mourne Textile’s production had been predominently furnishing upholstery fabrics and rugs, but during 1963-73, it increasingly produced apparel tweeds.

Fast forward to today, and you’ll find Gerd’s grandson Mario in the very same studio, carrying on this rich legacy. Using some of Gerd’s original looms and equipment, they’ve been able to reinvent these iconic designs in a modern collection of tweed textiles.


Rose Uniacke’s unique collection of 186 fabrics, is a curated range of linens, wools, hemps and velvets. Originally conceived to serve her interior design and antiques business, Rose was persuaded to make some of her favorite fabrics more widely available; working closely with mills, traders and artisans, to produce beautiful practical cloth of the finest calibre.

The range uses only 100% natural fibres, with no synthetic elements. RU Fabric is perfectly suited to upholstery, furnishing, wall coverings and drapery. With fabrics chosen to work separately or to complement to each other in combination, they are equally at home in traditional or modern interiors. The fabrics are custom-dyed in Rose’s own distinctive colour palette; from serene neutrals and earthy muted tones to vibrant jewel-like colours.


R.Holland celebrates cutting edge designs in performance fabrics. Woven by Sunbrella® solely for R. Holland, it is available “To the Trade” only, exclusively through a network of representatives throughout America. These fabrics blur the line between Indoor and outdoor usage with appealing designs and palpable textures. R. Holland fabrics boldly and stylishly represent the exciting future of decorative textiles. 

Featuring 100% Solution dyed Acrylic, R.Holland premium performance fabrics come with all the colorfastness, water resistance, stain resistance and cleanability of Sunbrella, including the Sunbrella 5 year warranty.


Founded by Simon and Angie Lewin, St. Jude’s collaborates with an eclectic range of artists to create and print unique fabrics, cushion covers and wallpapers. They started with the simple aim of producing two of Angie’s designs and taking it from there. Since then St Jude’s has become a small but thriving business.

Simon and Angie have had the pleasure of collaborating with a number of artists, makers and printers they admire. These artists are given control over important aspects of the process, such as choosing colourways. And St. Jude's always provides the artists with a proper credit for their work.

St. Jude’s has been named winners in the Elle Decoration British Design Awards.


From ikats, silk embroideries, kilims, velvets and linens, antique, vintage and new, Susan Deliss designs her own range of fabrics. All decorative, beautifully made, useful and highly individual. fabrics are complemented by limited edition cushions and hand-made and lined silk lampshades, decorative objects and fine art.   All decorative, beautifully made, useful and highly individual.